• What I Do

    I am an instructional designer and LMS adminstrator.

    Instructional Design

    Instructional design is difficult to master -- it requires loving to learn, listening to the experts, and questioning what's the optimal path over and over again. I enjoy the diverse skills that instructional design requires and always strive to improve.

    Learning Technology

    Technology can be a great tool in training. As my portfolio shows, there's many ways to use learning technology to solve a problem. To do so, you have to know the tools, work with specialists when needed, test out new approaches, and stick to the basics when there's a simple solution.

  • Learning About Me

    See a selection of my interests.

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    Instructional Design

    Instructional Design is the foundation for great courses.

    In professional development courses, and preparing for the CPTD, I've become familiar with the core concepts of the field.

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    Learning Engineering

    Data-driven learning experiences are one of the goals of learning engineering, an emerging speciality.

    There is a recently published book by Jim Goodell that I would recommend on this topic if you are still exploring this topic like me. There is also an industry consortium on learning engineering.

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    Behavior Design

    Tackling behavior change is the end goal of many instructional design projects.

    From classics like The Design of Everyday Things to the more recent Atomic Habits, behavior design has many applicable ideas to instructional design.

  • Education 

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    Smith College

    Bachelors of Arts

    Major: Spanish Literature

    Minor: Discrete Mathematics

    Northampton, MA

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    Association for Talent Development

    Certified Professional in Talent Development

    Certification earned in 2018 and currently maintained.

    CPTD requires passing a proctored exam on domain knowledge in talent development including topics such as instructional design, training delivery, measuring impact, and change management.

  • Articles and notes

    Selected writings on instructional design and related topics

    WCAG accessible colors help learners in many ways: they enhance readabilitysupport color-blind...
    Action mapping is a process used in instructional design to align learning objectives with...
    Neutral ground The importance of understanding play in education and morality A reflection...
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    "There is no universally applicable rules, no magic wand, that we can apply to every situation and to all the structures we find in the real world. Our job is to think of, and then do, the right things at the right times and in the right way. There may be rules for accomplishing this, but the rules are local -- they are to a large extent dictated by specific circumstances." - Diedritch Dorner, Logic of Failure


    Chicago metro area, Lake county
    Highland Park, IL 60035