Accessible Colors for Learners (WCAG)

WCAG accessible colors help learners in many ways:

  • they enhance readability
  • support color-blind users
  • meet accessibility standards and requirements
  • improve user experience
  • and make courses available to a larger range of learners.

To test for WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) accessible colors, follow these steps:

Understand the WCAG color contrast requirements: The WCAG guidelines provide specific requirements for color contrast ratios between text and background colors. There are two levels of compliance: Level AA and Level AAA. Level AA has lower contrast requirements, while Level AAA has stricter requirements. The guidelines define contrast ratios using a formula and provide specific values to meet.

Select a color contrast checking tool: There are several online tools available that can help you test color contrast ratios and determine if your color combinations comply with WCAG guidelines. Some popular tools include:

Choose foreground and background colors: Identify the colors you want to test for accessibility. Typically, this involves selecting text (foreground) and background colors.

  1. Enter color values into the tool: Enter the color values of the foreground and background colors into the chosen color contrast checking tool. You can provide the color values using hexadecimal codes (#RRGGBB) or choose colors from a color picker provided by the tool.
  2. Verify the contrast ratio: The color contrast checking tool will display the contrast ratio between the foreground and background colors. Ensure that the contrast ratio meets the required level of compliance (AA or AAA) specified by the WCAG guidelines. The contrast ratio should be equal to or greater than the specified values.

    Make adjustments if needed: If the contrast ratio doesn't meet the required level, you may need to adjust either the foreground or background color to achieve a higher contrast ratio. Repeat the process by selecting different colors or adjusting their values until the desired contrast ratio is achieved. It's important to test your color combinations in more than one device or platform as variations occur.

This test ensures that your color choices meet the WCAG accessibility guidelines.